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​Bookkeeper 4 You Ltd. is currently accepting new 
bookkeeping, payroll and new personal income tax clients.

Why do you need a Bookkeeper? 


Businesses needs accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping for two reasons:


      1.  Accounting for taxes payable

      2.  Accurately tracking the financial position of the business for personal and company use


Growing businesses depend on strong financial management.  By choosing to focus on company growth you are then presented with the choice to hire an employee or to outsource to a service provider.


Hiring an Employee can be effective in keeping the information in house and having the individual readily available, but can come at a large expense to your company.  When hiring an employee one should consider the paying of a salary in addition to vacation pay, EI & CPP etc which can add a further 18% to the cost of the employee.


While hiring an Accountant can be effective for a small business strategy, much of their information is very industry specific and comes at a very high rate.  These rates mean they are often not a viable option for maintaining the books from daily operations.


Bookkeepers are very efficient when managing the day-to-day finances of your business and are considerably more cost effective.  Both bookkeepers and accountants are important to your business, but distinguishing between them can save you a considerable amount in consulting fees.


Outsourced Bookkeepers are an excellent choice for small businesses to complete the daily accounting functions for a small business. Not only are their fees far less than that of an accountant or CPA, they are usually well versed in the most common small business accounting software .


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