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Income Tax


• Personal income tax returns
• Self employment\home based income tax returns

• Trust income tax returns

• eFIle service available




• Organize your records
• Set up the appropriate accounting software program that best suits your needs
• Enter data (receivables and payables)
• Process payments of payables
• Process customer invoices, deposits of receivables
• Prepare bank reconciliations
• Prepare month end financial statements
  -  balance sheet
  -  income statement
  -  cash flow
• Submit government remittances
  - CRA payroll remittance
  - GST/HST return

• WSIB (WCB) remittances
• Prepare for year-end review/audit
• reconciliations of accounts payable, receivables & payroll
• prepare working papers that are required for an annual audit
• work with auditor on year-end review and preparation of audited financial statements





• Process payroll
  -  weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and bonuses
   - individual contractors
   - record of employment

• payroll summaries

• T4 summary of T4’s issued to employees



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